NOPA Cottage

The NOPA cottage is a carriage house built in 1909 and is located at the back of a Victorian home. The cottage had long been neglected and was not in livable condition when the owner, Susan, purchased the property. Working with architect Thomas Ryan at TWR Architecture, the Modern Craft team conducted extensive renovations to bring the 2-bedroom, 1 bath, 1000 square foot home into the modern era. This included introducing plumbing, electrical and heating.

The original floors were rotten and uneven and sagged eight feet from one side to the other, so John and his team had to level the floors before installing wide oak planks throughout. The team also had to take off the existing five layers of roofing materials and reframe the entire roof.

To create a sense of space, they opened up the 14ft ceilings to show the pitched roof line and installed three skylights to bring in natural light. Because the owner, Susan, is a book editor, they installed floor to ceiling bookcases in the main living area to showcase her work. They also created two entrances in the bathroom so that it could be accessed by both bedrooms.

In the kitchen, they kept the open and airy look going by only installing bottom cabinets and using floating shelves made from reclaimed redwood boards that were removed from the house during demo. The shelves provide a nice contrast to the modern gray cabinets and Bosch appliances.

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