Here are some considerations I had not thought about until after I started working with John’s team. If you are hiring someone to work on your home, not only will you see their work every day, but for the duration of the project, you will probably see the team fairly often. John’s team and their work is top notch. I think it says something when you finish a large project, and having the crew leave for the last time is a bittersweet experience. Not only did we get an awesome renovation, but as homeowners going through our first large project, we had a great group of people who really educated us about the process. I cannot recommend this team enough!

Lizzy Gruner - 14th Ave.

Modern Craft Construction and its Principal, John, were a pleasure to deal with. It was a very large project with a large budget. John was many great things: project manager, rough carpenter, finishing carpenter, designer, and much more. John and crew navigated city inspectors, 2 architects, an insurance company, and many subcontractors. Not a moment was wasted. John and crew were very friendly and a pleasure to deal with. We highly recommend them.

Michael R. – Duboce Park

John has made our backyard into the favorite “room” of our house. He is a skilled craftsman and a pleasure to work with. John is good at turning clients’ abstract ideas first into workable plans, and then into beautiful finished products.

Marina P. – 21st Avenue

Over the past six years, we’ve entrusted John Lyng and his team with three major projects and several smaller ones—all with exceptional results!  

We first asked John to rebuild a decorative balcony on our house, and during that project we were extremely impressed with his responsiveness, craftsmanship, and willingness to work closely with us to realize our design and overall project goals. 

That led us to call on John when we were contemplating expansion of our attic space into a walk-in closet.  He helped us evaluate alternatives and to pursue the most effective option for our needs.  During this project, John worked closely with us to refine our construction and design plans as the project unfolded to allow us to achieve maximal benefit.  John custom built all of the drawers and cabinetry to accommodate specialized features of the space (such as extra storage, a drawer containing a pullout ironing board, a pullout clothes folding shelf, a space for laundry hampers, and so forth).  The result was spectacular!

Next, John and team re-built a portion of our home when we discovered termite damage.  He completely rebuilt our home office and terrace off the master bedroom.  Again, working with John was a pleasure, and all of our expectations were exceeded. 

Most recently, we enlisted John to pour a retaining wall, decorative fence details, and build a custom garden shed for our backyard.  We provided John with design concepts and he was able to bring our vision to reality.  His efforts turned the area from a space we rarely used to one we now enjoy daily. 

We highly recommend John Lyng for all construction and building projects—no matter how large or small. John is imminently trustworthy, responsive, fair, and always delivers high quality results.  He’s a true craftsman.

William Marks & Scott Lambrecht

John Lyng is an incredible and thoughtful contractor. I and my neighbor (in a duplex) hired him to rebuild our building after it was badly damaged in a fire. We lost every wall, floor, ceiling, subfloor, half the framing and so forth. So if you’re curious whether John can rebuild a building from the ground up, the answer is yes.

I’m not experienced in building houses, and so my tactic was to randomly drop in un-announced and see what was going on. Basically every time I came by John was here, and he always dropped whatever he was doing to give me a tour of the project. Later on he and my architect would have weekly meetings (for which I would usually, but not always, join), and she always reported that no corners were being cut and the work was being done to her liking.

As you can see from the photos the workmanship is amazing. It’s really a beautiful house. You probably can find a cheaper contractor than John, but if you want to have your project done right, and if you don’t want to worry about visiting the project constantly to make sure no corners are being cut, then you need to hire John.

Edward M. – Walter Street

I would highly recommend John. He has been an absolute delight to work with.

Firstly, he is a wonderful person: smart, kind, professional and reliable. He is a great communicator and true to his word.

Secondly, he does top notch work, from big items down to details. He works with the same sub-contractors over time and they are all great.

Finally, he is very budget conscious and honest. We could not be happier with our house (4-month remodel project) and it was a painless process thanks to John and his team.

Sarah Pinto – Glen Park

In 2010/11 John Lyng worked to completely renovate my home in Potrero Hill, San Francisco, a 100+ year Victorian cottage. This was a major job: we took it back to the studs: opened all the interior walls, connected 2 levels that had been previously separate units, and reconfigured the layouts of both levels. The project took about 8 months so I got to know John and his work well.   I found John to be a pleasure to work with: first, he is a very good guy, absolutely trustworthy. He listened carefully to me and advised me when my ideas needed tweaking. He is a great craftsman and he cares personally that the work is excellent in quality. John designed the staircase with skylight connecting the 2 levels and it is a central feature of the house; I am so happy with it. He designed and built several custom features of my house including a niche and a vanity. John is also able to keep an eye on the budget and I feel I got great value for the money spent. He has a strong work ethic and will put in the effort necessary to get the job completed.  I would absolutely work with John on a future project.

Michael and Rosanna Anderson – York Street

John is honest, hardworking, talented, prompt, cost-sensitive, reliable and an all-around good guy.  He transformed our basement storage into a beautiful master suite (we call it The Oasis).  By the end of the project he was known as Uncle John to our 2-year-old.  My wife and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the end product and the overall experience.  We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a contractor.

K. W. – Broadway Street

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